Brigitte Kreigenhofer

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The Effect of Food Provisioning on the Nutrient Intake of Wild and Captive Primates - Implications for the Conservation Management of Wild and Captive Populations.

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Due to conservation issues faced by primate species and the taxon's popularity in wildlife tourism, understanding primate nutritional ecology and the potential effects of food provisioning is necessary. Such knowledge can be used to protect and restore essential resources in the wild and to ensure that provisioned animals are offered diets which are not nutritionally constraining. Ms Kreigenhofer's research revealed notable differences in food and nutrient intake patterns between a semi-wild golden snub-nosed monkey troop provisioned at a wildlife tourism centre and a wild troop, which can have potential health implications. Nutrient intake by the Auckland Zoo's black-handed spider monkey troop revealed that despite provided foods being significantly different from their natural diet, it was possible to provide a diet that was not nutritionally constraining through providing one that varied widely in nutritional space. Ms Kreigenhofer's research provides important information for habitat management and management of wildlife populations used for tourism.

Associate Professor Weihong Ji
Professor Baoguo Li
Associate Professor Songtao Guo
Professor David Raubenheimer

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