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Dr Warwick Tie

Senior Lecturer

School of People, Environment and Planning

Extending my long standing interest into what happens when peacemakers fight, my research has, over recent years, merged my study of the politics of conflict resolution with inquiry into the state of academic knowledge production. This direction has been propelled by a growing sense that mainstream inquiry into those politics (for me, around the issues of crime control, public law, human rights law, restorative justice, democratic and political policing) have been dominated by theoretical and methodological approaches which mimic the bio-political mechanisms by which those fields are administered. The ability of such work to engage the normative dimension of academic inquiry thereby suffers, with a kind of pragmatic administrativism coming to stand in for the scholarly consideration of how alternative futures might come into being. 

The way in which I intervene with these truncated horizons is to introduce into my substantive inquiries (into law, policing, and so on), analyses of the manner by which ideas are presently operating within the fields. Immanent critique of their dynamics becomes the basis upon which understandings can be generated about the means by which alternative socio-political futures might come into being.

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  • Ph: 09 414 0800 x43477
    Location: AT2.33, Atrium Building
    Campus: Albany

Research Expertise

Research Interests

The politics of conflict resolution (crime control; restorative justice; policing (democratic and political); human rights)

Contemporary social theory

The contemporary production of knowledge

Utopian studies.


21st Century Citizenship, Design – for Commerce, Community and Culture

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Law And Legal Studies (180000):
Social Theory (160806): Sociology (160800): Studies In Human Society (160000)

Research Projects

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Project Leader 1 2

Completed Projects

Project Title: Completion of sole authored book - Utopia: Between Politics and Evolution

Considerable socio-political change has re-configured the discursive space once occupied by 'utopia'. Within the cultures of late capitalism and the organisational matrices of bio-political administration, that space is no longer animated by images of idealised states that are yet to come, or by a sense of simple failure in the production of those same states. Rather, it is overdetermined by a condition of differentiation in the representation of reality. The origins of that differentiation of representation appear to lie deep within the modernist project. In the Place of Utopia explores how that condition of representation might be animated anew by the discursive circuits through which modernity has come to operate, so as to enliven the ability of transformative ideas to lever change from within a range of organic crises current to the world system: the financialisation of global capitalism; the subsumption of worker subjectivities to the logic of capital; the broadening of the metabolic rift through industrial-capitalism. Central to this animation of transformative ideas is the relationship between language and the body.
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Date Range: 2010 - 2011

Funding Body: Massey University

Project Team:

Research Outputs

Teaching and Supervision

Courses Coordinated

Summary of Doctoral Supervision

Position Current Completed
Supervisor 2 4
Co-supervisor 0 5

Current Doctoral Supervision

Supervisor of:

  • Kalym Lipsey - Doctor of Philosophy
    A ‘rightful’ way forward: exploring the impact of ethnic discrimination and inequality on the fulfilment of rights in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Stella Pennell - Doctor of Philosophy
    Trouble in paradise: Contradictions in platform capitalism and the production of surplus by Airbnb hosts in regional tourist towns

Completed Doctoral Supervision

Supervisor of:

  • 2013 - Penelope Lysnar - Doctor of Philosophy
    The koru and the unconscious: an articulation of national identity in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • 2012 - Wendy Bolitho - Doctor of Philosophy
    Silent Invocations: Music, Sublimation and Social Transformation
  • 2010 - Christopher McMillan - Doctor of Philosophy
    Universality and communist strategy: Zizek and the disavowed foundations of global capitalism
  • 2004 - Helen Potter - Doctor of Philosophy
    He Manamana Mo Te Ahi: Exploring The Possibilities For Treaty Partnerships.

Co-supervisor of:

  • 2013 - Sylvia Yuan - Doctor of Philosophy
    "Kiwis" in the Middle Kingdom: A sociological interpretation of the history of New Zealand Missionaries in China from 1877 to 1952 and beyond
  • 2011 - Vicky Walters - Doctor of Philosophy
    The power to reform: Water and poverty of democracy and rights in the era of "good" governance
  • 2005 - Chez Leggatt-Cook - Doctor of Philosophy
    Identity Viewed Askew: A Debate with Special Reference to a Feminist Theological Organisation.
  • 2004 - Amritha Maharaj - Doctor of Philosophy
    The Social Acceptance of Visible Ethnic Minority Adolescents of Asian Origin in Auckland Secondary Schools
  • 2003 - Andrew Butcher - Doctor of Philosophy
    No Place Like Home?: The Re-entry of East Asian University Students into their Countries of Origin

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