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Bridey White

Technical Officer in Oiled Wildlife Response

School of Veterinary Science

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Project Title: Lewis Fitch - Understanding and tools for prevention of mental health stress in animal care staff: case studies of oiled wildlife responders

No matter what news channel you watch there is increasing coverage of world disasters, hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes or oil spills and all of these involve the need for animal as well as human care response. However, emergency response cannot be done without emergency responders. There is little research investigating the mental health or stress risks of animal emergency responders, or on the programs, processes or training required to retain and allow staff to be resilient and thrive in their roles. Oiled wildlife response has become an important part of any oil spill event. Providing care for wildlife can enrich the lives of carers often termed and measured as Compassion Satisfaction (CS). Conversely, the work can be deeply challenging; financially, emotionally and physically, jeopardizing carers wellbeing and putting them at risk of Compassion Fatigue (CF). Limited information is available to determine the individual variables of animal care staff that can relate to CS and CF. However, by having a better understanding of the potential for CS and the risk of CF among animal care givers both professionals and volunteers, it is anticipated that proactive, protective strategies can be designed, taught and lessen mental health risks and provide better resilience and retention at all staff levels.
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Date Range: 2018 - 2019

Funding Body: Lewis Fitch Veterinary Research Fund

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