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Bachelor of Arts (Classical Studies)

Key facts

  • Available at Auckland
  • Available at Manawatū
  • Available via Distance Learning
  • Note: Not all courses are available in any one year
  • Available for international students studying in NZ or via distance learning

Enhance your future by studying the past

With a BA (Classical Studies) at Massey you will study the past, understand the present and help build the world of tomorrow.

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What is it like?

Gain a deep understanding of 21st-century culture

Knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome is essential for an understanding of our own modern civilisation. Through their language, philosophy, science, medicine, law, political institutions, art and architecture, the Greeks and Romans had a profound and lasting influence on world culture. They also created and developed nearly every genre of Western literature.

With a Massey BA (Classical Studies), you can trace meaningful connections between classical antiquity and our own 21st-century civilisation.

You choose what you study

Classical studies is interdisciplinary - you can study what you enjoy, and explore subject areas that spark your interest. You can explore the classical world from many angles: literature, history, art, mythology, religion, war, sexuality, and interaction with other civilisations such as Egypt.

Follow your passion and enhance your future

With a Massey BA (Classical Studies) you can take a variety of courses to suit your interests, and acquire and develop a diverse range of skills. Our evidence for the ancient world is challenging; it is sometimes fragmentary, sometimes obscure, often biased or distorted. At Massey you will make sense of it through argument and interpretation.

Why do your BA at Massey?

Massey offers passionate and friendly lecturers, a world-class distance-learning programme and multimedia learning materials.

A good fit if you:

  • Want to gain an insight into two of the most fascinating civilisations in history
  • Are interested in the ancient roots of modern Western civilisation
  • Want a rich and challenging classical education that will make you very appealing to employers
  • Want to follow your passion and enhance your future at the same time
Sasha Unverricht
Bachelor of Arts (Classical Studies)

“My growing appreciation of ancient society has been a highlight of this major…”

While I have a science background and completed a DipScTech, my BA (Classical Studies) opened my eyes to the incredible ancient world that once existed. The freedom to express myself and my growing appreciation of ancient society has been a highlight of this major. Few areas of study provide that freedom and such vibrant and effective lecturers, eager to hear a student’s unique take upon the subjects they teach. The ability to conduct in-depth research and convey that understanding in a clear meaningful way is a skill this major engenders as well. The ancient world is a fascinating, relevant area of study; the ancients’ philosophy and wisdom never age, and history has a tendency to repeat itself.


The study of classics fosters critical thinking, research skills, and organisational techniques, together with the broader understanding of our culture. These skills can lead to careers in any of the fields below, as well as many others.

  • Drama
  • Foreign affairs
  • Journalism
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Public relations
  • Teaching
  • Trade and industry
  • University administration

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