Bachelor of Information Sciences (Information Technology)

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Sought-after by employers

The Bachelor of Information Sciences information technology major will combine your love of problem-solving, teamwork and technology with the core skills needed to analyse, design, build and manage a huge range of IT systems, projects and resources.

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What is it like?

Devices like smart phones and tablets are in our homes and pockets and every day they are increasing in power and complexity. 

Our personal lives are becoming more entwined in social networks, virtual worlds and gaming environments, while commerce and industry are increasingly dependent on new and improved information technology.

Meet the needs of future consumers

When you study the Bachelor of Information Sciences (Information Technology) at Massey, you will examine the huge range of technology that we use and gain skills in designing and building systems that will meet the needs of consumers today and in the future. This could range from a small business needing a new technology tool, to managing the many and varied IT resources in a big hospital.

There is a shortage of people with the skills that you will gain – as an information technology graduate you will be sought-after by employers around the world.

Accredited by the industry

The Bachelor of Information Sciences is one of the few computing degrees in New Zealand to be accredited by the IT industry. Massey University’s majors in computer science, information technology and software engineering are all endorsed by the Institute of IT professionals, the professional body for those working in the IT industry. Accreditation ensures that courses are relevant to the industry. For example, the compulsory capstone course in the final year of study involves industry experience.

Join the trail blazers

Massey is the only university in New Zealand to offer both information systems and information technology majors in an undergraduate programme

Seize an international career

Accredited by the Institute of Information Technology Professionals and part of the Seoul Accord, the Massey BInfSc is a first-class, internationally-recognised qualification allowing you to take your career around the world.

In demand

IT employers are constantly seeking skilled staff. Look at the SEEK website to see the demand for ICT professionals in New Zealand. The majority of the hiring is taking place because of increased demand and new projects.

High demand areas include software development, business analysis, network security, project management and data/database. These are the key areas of information sciences you can study through the Bachelor of Information Sciences at Massey.

Earn more

A 2017 Ministry of Education publication The post-study earnings and destinations of young domestic graduates showed that those who complete a qualification in a science, agriculture, technology, computer science, engineering or mathematics field of study have high relative earnings after they complete their study compared to the national median. Earnings can be substantially more than other graduates.

What will I learn?

When you study the Bachelor of Information Science (Information Technology) at Massey you will gain skills in:

  • The analysis, design and deployment of complex information technologies
  • The use of professional software tools, and the administrative and organisational aspects of IT
  • How to work in a team in the IT environment
  • Topics such as computer security, internet features,, user interface design and more

Information technology can also be taken together with the major in computer science (double major), or another minor of your choice.

Note that you can change your major within the degree up until the end of your first year.

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A good fit if you:

  • Are curious about how people use technology and what they can achieve with it
  • Have good communication skills and like working with a team to solve problems
  • Would like to be involved in quality assurance and testing of new software applications
  • Would like to find out more about business and systems analysis (e.g. is a company making the best use of technology?)
  • Want to develop skills in analysis, security, networking, user interface (UX) design, databases and testing
Kyle Taylor
Bachelor of Information Sciences (Double Major: Information Technology & Computer Science)
Graduated in 2015
Master’s student

“The thing I enjoyed most once I had started my studies were the people. The lecturers were friendly, approachable, and represent people I aspire to be…”

When I left Whangaparaoa College, I didn't have a firm sense of direction in regards to my study. I had an inclination towards programming and system analysis so subsequently enrolled at Massey for a dual major in Information Sciences. I chose Massey in Auckland because of the short commute each day and the unique campus design. I really enjoyed the green spaces and open layout of the campus.

Throughout my study I was never denied an opportunity to discuss the course or my studies and some even helped me to find work that I was interested in. I owe a lot to the educators at Massey and I hope to stay in contact with them throughout my career. 

I had done poorly during my first year examinations, but thanks to the support of my professors, tutors, and the friends I had met during that time, I was able to turn my grades around. By the end of my third year, Massey had opened a number of opportunities for me, allowing me to travel to Christchurch for work with Landcare and even become eligible for Honours at Massey.

The courses for computer science touch on every level of abstraction between machine code and human-readable language. The courses in Information Technology helped me develop everything from social and communication skills to my understanding of law and morality. Where computer science improved my technical proficiency, information technology gave me the understanding I need to apply it practically.


Knowing the potential of information technology and having the ability to put this knowledge to work can result in a successful personal career, organisations that reach their goals, and a higher quality of life.

Information technology graduates command some of the highest salaries of any career.

There is a strong demand for qualified ICT professionals, both in New Zealand and overseas.

The skills you learn at Massey University and the qualification you will receive are recognised throughout the world. Careers of previous graduates include:

  • Business and systems analysts
  • User support specialists
  • Data administrators
  • Application testers
  • Trainers
  • Web developers
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers

There are a huge number of job opportunities in this area worldwide. Check out the SEEK website for the around 2000 ICT careers available in New Zealand at any one time.

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