Assessments and examinations

Assessments refer to the different activities you will be expected to complete for courses. If you register for a course, pay your fees and do not withdraw, you have the right to final assessment in that course. 

What type of assessments might be included in my course?

The exact mix of these assessments will depend on the course you are enrolled in, but could include:

  • written assignments
  • online quizzes
  • attendance at contact workshops
  • field trips
  • practical exercise
  • participation in online discussion forums
  • examination

All information on assessments can be found in your Administration Guide. This will either be with the study materials that are posted to you or available through Stream (the online learning environment). 

Compulsory attendance at classes

Some courses require compulsory attendance at classes, including laboratories, field trips, practical exercises or contact workshops. In these courses if you do not complete the compulsory elements and have not been granted an exemption, you will fail the course, regardless of the rest of the assessment procedure. If you know you cannot attend a compulsory contact course, it is best not to enrol in that course.

We recommend that you mark these compulsory classes on your calendar. 

Written assignments

You will be told by your course coordinator at the start of the semester which elements of the assessed coursework in your course will contribute towards the final grade for the course. Many assignments can now be submitted electronically through the Stream online learning environment. You should check with your course coordinator to see whether this service is available.

Your course coordinator will tell you your results in assessed coursework as soon as possible after it has been marked and the results processed. Massey has a 15 working day turnaround time for returning marked assignments. The turnaround time begins on the due date for the assignment, and only applies to assignments that are submitted on or before time. Overseas students assignments will be returned by airmail or through Stream.


The Examinations web pages has all the information you need to know about exams, including preparation support and more.

Unsatisfactory academic progress

Massey University expects enrolled students to succeed in their study. The Academic Progress Regulations take account of failure to pass courses, failure to complete compulsory course work requirements, and failure to attend examinations.

If you do not wish to be considered for final assessment in the course you must formally withdraw before 75 percent of the study period has elapsed. This is defined by the start and end dates for each course. Withdrawal outside of this period is recorded as withdrawal with academic failure. Your academic record will show DNC (Did Not Complete), which is regarded as a failing grade. Repeated academic failure may result in exclusion from the course/programme/College or University.

If you are excluded from a course(s)/programme(s)/College(s) or the University, you will be informed of exclusion by a personal letter. Unless you are specifically notified of exclusion, you remain eligible to apply to re-enrol in the future. The exclusion regulations are printed in full in the Massey University Calendar Academic Progress Regulations.

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