Study fees, costs and funding sources

Cost is an important factor for most people considering tertiary study. What you can expect to pay does vary depending on the specific programme of study and qualification you are undertaking. As a distance student you might also need to consider travel and accommodation costs for on-campus contact workshops.

Types of costs

Full range of fees you can expect to pay can be found within the Fees web pages. The following categories give a brief overview of the different types of costs that distance learners should consider:

Study related costs

Study related costs are costs directly associated with the programme you are taking. They often encompass more than just the fee that you pay to Massey University and it is important to consider these as part of your overall budget. The following are some examples of costs that you might incur:

  • Tuition fees - fee associated with enrolling in the course
  • Text books - and books or other resources you may need to purchase
  • Reading materials
  • Photocopying
  • Printing (ink, paper)
  • Postage (if mailing assignments)

Non-tuition fees

Non-tuition fees are various administrative fees that are payable in addition to the tuition fees and sundry fees you pay for each course. The full range of non-tuition fees can be found on the Fees web pages. Some examples of non-tuition fees include:

  • Annual enrolment fee
  • Overseas shipping fees for distance students studying overseas - to cover courier delivery due to the complexities of delivery study materials in many parts of the world.
  • Overseas examination fee - to cover airmail costs

On-campus contact workshops

If you are attending an on-campus contact workshops, you should also consider costs associated with attending. Costs will vary depending on where you are and where the on-campus contact workshop is. These costs could include:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Funding sources

Student loans

Most domestic full-time (on a course of at least 12 weeks) and full year part-time students qualify for student loan assistance to help pay for tuition fees, books, and materials. You can find out more and apply online for student loans on the Studylink website.


There are a large number of scholarships available to distance students. For further details see the Scholarships and awards web pages. EXMSS also offer a number of different scholarships.

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