Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedical Science

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Biochemistry is the study of the structure, function and chemistry of molecules that comprise the living world. Biochemistry research revolutionizes our molecular understanding of biology and is now so successful at explaining living processes that it is a leading research discipline for all areas of biology. Biochemical research allows us to understand cellular mechanisms such as information transfer (chemical and genetic), bioenergetics, the regulation of biological activities and provides mechanisms to understand how biological systems respond to their environment both in immediate and evolutionary time scales.


Biotechnology is the use of molecular, biological and cellular activities for applications of benefit to humans. Many biological systems can be harnessed for biotechnology applications. Research areas active in our labs are genetic testing, display technologies, vaccine development, production of biopharmaceuticals and nanomaterials from biological systems and the bioengineering of environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Biomedical Science

To advance human health, a molecular understanding of the underlying mechanisms that cause disease is required. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we use a diverse range of molecular, cellular, and animal model tools to investigate the molecular biology of diseases. Our biomedical interests are diverse; we research mechanisms of neurological, skeletal and muscular disorders, infectious microbial diseases, and cancer. Analysis of disease biology also informs on normal cellular processes.

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Dr Helen Fitzsimons
Dr Dragana Gagic
Dr Tracy Hale
Dr Zoe Jordens
A/Prof Gill Norris
Dr Jeong Park
A/Prof Jasna Rakonjac
Dr Matthew Savoian
Prof Kathryn Stowell
A/Prof Andrew Sutherland-Smith

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