Undergraduate Scholarships

Alex C P Chu Trade for Training Scholarship
Closing date: 01/11/2019   
The Alex C P Chu Trade for Training Scholarship provides assistance to students enrolled in either a postgraduate or undergraduate course in agriculture or horticulture at Massey University, and who intends to study overseas as part of their programme.

Alfred George East Scholarship
Closing date: 30/09/2019   
Open to full-time students who are enrolled at the Wellington campus and who could not otherwise continue with their studies or career development due to financial pressures.

Andrew Turnbull Scholarship
Closing date: 10/09/2019   
Open to students enrolled in the 1st Year of an undergraduate degree in agriculture at Massey University who were enrolled in the intermediate veterinary programme in Semester 1 of the year of application.

Auckland A & P Association Bursary
Closing date: 20/11/2019   
Open to students who previously studied at secondary school in the AK region now in the first year of an U/G degree at Massey University in the year that they apply. One Bursary will be awarded to a student within an agricultural degree and the other Bursary to a BVSC student.

Ballance Agri-Nutrients Scholarship
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
Scholarships will be open to applicants with a passion for agriculture. Study may be in the primary industry, engineering or corporate business (HR, marketing, finance etc).

Bay of Islands Veterinary Services Scholarship
Closing date: 19/10/2019   
For students in their 4th or 5th year of the BVetSc degree and be from a family that resides in the area currently serviced by the Bay of Islands Veterinary Services at the time of appln.

Bay of Plenty Farmers Education Trust
Closing date: 15/11/2019   
Open to students who attended a primary or secondary school in the Bay of Plenty who have been studying an agricultural and /or veterinary course for at least one year, either full or part time and any level at a NZ University or Polytechnic.

Cambridge Equine Hospital Scholarship
Closing date: 30/08/2019   
Open to 4th yr veterinary students to experience a full equine practice.

Clutha Veterinary Association Travel Grant
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
For students enrolled in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year of study for a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree at Massey University, and who travel to see practice at the Clutha Veterinary Association.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences International Excellence Scholarship
Closing date: 01/12/2019   
The Massey University College of Humanities and Social Sciences International Excellence aims to attract highly capable new international students with demonstrated academic excellence to study in a College of Humanities and Social Sciences full-time undergraduate or postgraduate progeamme.

Counties Kiwifruit Growers ASB Study Grant
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
For students resident in the Franklin District area studying fruit growing

David Levene Foundation Bursaries
Closing date: 15/11/2019   
David Levene Foundation Bursaries are available to students undertaking full-time study towards a Business or Sciences diploma or degree at Massey University, and who would otherwise be unable to study due to financial hardship.

Edna Joyce Howe Scholarship
Closing date: 15/10/2019   
applicants must have a minimum of three years' teaching experience with at least half that teaching time in the following areas: Food Technology, Clothing, Textile and Design Technology, Home Economics or other Home and Life Science Development subjects.

Fisheries NZ/NIWA Undergraduate Scholarship
Closing date: 30/11/2019   
Fisheries New Zealand wishes to support the study of mathematics/ statistics/ computing and marine biology at the undergraduate level. Up to six scholarships ($5000 each) will be available to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

Grant in Aid and Elizabeth A Cooper Award for Students with Disabilities
Closing date: 31/12/2019   
The Grant in Aid & Elizabeth A Cooper Award for Students with Disabilities is intended to assist students with disability whose academic progress at Massey University has, or is going to be, seriously impeded by extraordinary financial barriers linked to their disability.

Ian Campbell Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2019   
For students with paraplegia & physical diabilities or those working in this field who wish to undertake tertiary study

Japanese language: Sasakawa Fellowship Fund Undergraduate Scholarship
Closing date: 01/09/2019   
For students enrolled full time in a first undergraduate degree in Japanese Language or Japanese Language conjoint with a second degree

Lawson-Smith Freemasons Education Trust Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2019   
Available are to support academically able students, who are active in their community, and are intending enrolling in the 4th or 5th year of the Bachelor of Veterinary Studies at Massey University in the following year; or intending enrolling in the 3rd year of the Bachelor of Veterinary Technology

Marcus Kitt/ Colliers International Bursary
Closing date: 06/11/2019   
Open to NZ citizens or Permanent residents are enrolled full time in the 2nd yr of the Bachelor of Business studies Valuation and Property Management major degree, at the Albany campus.

Maritime Union Scholarship
Closing date: 01/12/2019   
Applicants will be New Zealand citizens who are enrolled for undergraduate study at a New Zealand university. At time of application applicants should have completed at least one year of fulltime undergraduate study.

Mary Adeline Allen Scholarship
Closing date: 15/11/2019   
Available to deaf or hearing impaired students.

Massey Business School Promising Student Assistance Bursary
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
Open to currently enrolled students at MU engaged in a programme of study within the Massey Business School (MBS), either at undergraduate or postgraduate level. The bursary provide financial assistance to promising students who are facing general hardship or financial barriers to continuing studies

Massey University Elite Sports Bursaries
Closing date: 01/11/2019   
Open to candidates who have successfully completed one or two years in the Massey Academy of Sport and also met all criteria and requirements expected of first or second year members of the Academy.

Massey University Summer Study Hardship Bursary
Closing date: 01/10/2019   
Open to NZ citizens or PR who are studying at any of the MU campuses, and who will have completed a minimum of 120 credits of study at the completion of Semester 2 in the year of application. Applicants must be able to show financial hardship. Applicants must be enrolled in Summer semester.

McConnell Elton Foundation Bursary
Closing date: 19/10/2019   
Open to all final year Veterinary students at Massey University. Applicants need to be able to demonstrate a philanthropic nature, or be active volunteers, or serve in committees or groups that benefit others.

Mr M & Mrs T Olechnowicz Scholarship
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
For students of Polish origin enrolled at a NZ University

Music and Creative Media Production - Creative Media Production Scholarship
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
Provide support to a promising applicant in preparation for a career in creative media production industries, specifically Film and TV, Games, Animation and VFX, Web and Interactive, and Producing and Directing.

New Zealand Equine Research Foundation Scholarship
Closing date: 30/09/2019   
Open to New Zealand Citizens studying full time in veterinary science. Applications will be accepted from BVSc fourth year students interested in working in the equine industry.

New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association Scholarship
Closing date: 01/11/2019   
One scholarship will be offered annually to a full-time student studying at either Massey University or Lincoln University. Massey University applicants for the scholarship will be in their second year of study towards a Bachelors degree relevant to the grain and seed industry.

New Zealand Institute of Management Foundation Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2019   
The NZIMF Scholarships are post-graduate scholarships focusing specifically on the practice of management and leadership in New Zealand.

NIWA and the Ministry of Primary Industries Masters Scholarships
Closing date: 01/10/2019   
Applicants with majors or minors in mathematics, statistics, computing and/or biology are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to those students who have a strong quantitative background (preferably including applied statistics), with marine biology. It is recommended that only those students who have taken statistics or mathematics courses at or beyond the second year level submit an application.

Otamatea Veterinary Club Scholarship
Closing date: 29/09/2019   
For fourth year Veterinary Science students with preference given to those who are ninterested in mixed clinical practice with an emphasis on large animal and/or production animal medicine.

Rebecca L Lynch Memorial Scholarship
Closing date: 31/08/2019   
For NZ women aged between 17-23 years, in the first or subsequent undergraduate year wishing to study at the University of Idaho, USA

School of Music and Creative Media Production - Commercial Music Scholarship
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
Provide support to a promising applicant in preparation for a career in the commercial music industry, practice or technology.

School of Music and Creative Media Production - Māori Scholarship
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
Provide support for a Māori applicant to pursue and achieve success in the Bachelor of Creative Media Production or the Bachelor of Commercial Music.

School of Music and Creative Media Production - Pasifika Scholarship
Closing date: 31/10/2019   
Provide support for a Pasifika applicant to pursue and achieve success in the Bachelor of Creative Media Production or the Bachelor of Commercial Music.

School of Veternary Science Masterate Scholarship in Small Animal Surgery
Closing date: 15/09/2019   
To encourage veterinary graduates who plan a career in small animal surgery to undertake university postgraduate study in this field.

Stan Florence Agricultural Industry Scholarship
Closing date: 31/12/2019   
For candidates already in a Management position in Agricultural, Horticultural or Pastoral industries, to attend a nominated course

The Adastra Foundation Scholarships
Closing date: 16/09/2019   
Awards are available to talented athletes and musicians aged between 16 - 23, who are NZ citizens, and must be resident in the Waikato/BOP region

The Piki Ake Kake Ake Scholarship
Closing date: 30/11/2019   
Piki ake kake ake is a metaphorical term in te reo Māori that means to climb and to ascend. In the context of this scholarship, piki ake kake ake symbolises the hopes and aspirations of tangata whenua, by assisting four Māori students to excel in the disciplines of communication management, expressive arts, journalism, linguistics, marketing, media studies and public relations. The School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing and the School of English and Media Studies wish to assist and support Māori students to be successful.

Travel & Accommodation Assistance Fund
Closing date: 31/12/2019   
The Travel & Accommodation Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to students selected to represent their country in their chosen sport at an international event.

Waimate Agricultural Trust
Closing date: 01/11/2019   
Available to assist students of any form of agriculture for the purpose of their education by any polytechnic, university or other recognised formal training institution. Applicants must be within the boundaries of Waitaki river in the south, Pareora river in the north.

Wairakei Charitable Trust
Closing date: 31/12/2019   
Educational scholarships for students of Nga Hapu descent are open. All applications for scholarships will be considered by the Trust with a special emphasis on (but not limited to) the area of natural resource management.

Westlands Veterinary Services Inc. Grant
Closing date: 30/09/2019   
For third year BVSc students residing in the Westlands region who have a preference for rural practice

Westlands Veterinary Services Inc. Scholarship
Closing date: 30/09/2019   
For third and fourth year BVSc students interested in 'seeing practice' with W.V.S. for two weeks of practical work at each of the W.V.S. contract practices (Greymouth and Hokitika) in the summer holiday break. Accommodation will be provided for the student while seeing practice.

ZESPRI Horticulture Scholarships
Closing date: 30/09/2019   
Open to students intending to study for degree or diploma in Horticulture.

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