Alumni Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships to deserving students to ensure talented students have every opportunity to study at Massey regardless of their financial circumstances.

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The Advancement Fund (Unrestricted Gifts)

Unrestricted gifts will be endowed and the proceeds used to ensure that teaching, research and learning at Massey remain first class, allowing us to drive New Zealand forward and compete in the global academic market place. Unrestricted gifts are often the hardest gifts for the Foundation to solicit – but can be some of the most valuable. Your gift will be used for teaching, research, facilities and scholarships.

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The Prof Brian Murphy Scholarship Appeal

Professor Murphy died suddenly in October 2006, when he was acting head of the Department of Commerce at the College of Business on the University’s Albany campus.

Professor Murphy was known as a prominent practitioner of marketing research. He had spent more than 40 years exploring research methodology that would keep him at the front of his field both as a teacher and in practice. In the late 1960s he co-founded the National Research Bureau and was a key figure in establishing the political opinion polls that made regular headlines in the New Zealand Herald and helped shape public opinion on the performance of the political leaders.

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College Funds

College Funds are to be used at the discretion of the College Pro-Vice Chancellor (with approval from the Foundation board) for the development and advancement of the College.

Massey Business School Development Fund

To read about their priorities visit their websites.

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College of Creative Arts Development Fund

Massey University's College of Sciences' world-leading scientists are internationally-acclaimed and ranked. Our programmes of study and research attract world-leading academics and we have active research collaborations with the world's most prestigious scientific institutions.

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College of Health Development Fund

Massey University College of Health is a dynamic hub of leading academics and researchers working together to solve the global health challenges of the 21st century.

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has a vital part to play in developing the creativity, critical thinking and social cohesion that help shape what Massey calls the new New Zealand.

Our research and teaching are concerned with understanding how people co-exist and improve both their own lives, and those of the communities they live in. And it’s not just theoretical.

  • We have experts exploring how Christchurch is recovering from the earthquakes and lessons we can learn from that to help others
  • Our researchers are out in the field working with communities to find better ways balance competing demands for water
  • Our health experts are looking at big issues that underlie New Zealand ability to access healthcare and looking for a cure for asthma and other illnesses
  • We are leading a commemorative Centenary history project to mark New Zealand’s involvement in the First World War
  • Our writers and artists are creating the works that will tell New Zealand’s story and help us take our place on the world’s cultural stage
  • We are leading the university’s work in sustainability

The support of our alumni and friends is vital to the continued success of our College. A contribution to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences will help us to support future projects and our outstanding staff and students whether through scholarships, research funding or support which we could otherwise not provide.

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Office of Māori and Pasifika Development Fund

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College of Sciences Development Fund

The College of Creative Arts provides a thriving, well-resourced and inspiring learning environment that fosters research, scholarship and creative practice. From selected entry to completion of their degree, students are equipped with a knowledge base and skill set that enables them to flourish in the creative industries, win awards, represent New Zealand and hold key positions that define creative thinking in businesses around the world.

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First World War Centenary History Programme

FirstWorldWar.jpg The centenary of the First World War (1914 - 1918) is fast approaching, and presents us with an opportunity to stop and reflect on the impact that this war had on the psyche and development of this nation.

The First World War was pivotal to the history of New Zealand and the world. It shaped the lives and identity of individuals, communities and our national identity.  It shaped modern New Zealand.
More of our servicemen and women were sent per head of capita than any other country and almost a fifth did not return.  Of the 102,000 men and women deployed overseas, nearly 60,000 became casualties and some 18,500 were killed.  It also had a significant effect on the lives of those on the home front and yet the full story of New Zealand’s experience has never been told.  Until now.

To commemorate the centenary, Massey University has partnered with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association (RNZRSA) to produce the first definitive written history of New Zealand’s experience of the First World War.  

The Centenary History Programme has made considerable progress since its inception in 2011 with two volumes in the series already published, six more in preparation and work on two more having commenced this year.  Significant resources have been invested by Massey University, NZDF and the Ministry.  However for the history to be truly complete and a fitting tribute to all those who served and suffered, donations to complete the series are being sought by the Massey University Foundation.

Supporters are able to become ‘Friends of the Centenary History’ whereby a family or individual donation of $1,000 or an organisation’s donation of $5,000 will see their name acknowledged in one of the volumes.  However donations at all levels will be gratefully received and can be made by clicking the ‘donate now’ link or contact us

Help us publish their stories so they don’t fade away.

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The Innovation Fund

Massey University is a hive of invention and innovation. However, our researchers sometimes struggle to find funding to support the development of ideas. This is particularly true of early stage research projects that often require relatively small sums of money (between $10,000 and $50,000) to validate ideas so that they reach the 'proof of concept' stage where they might attract larger scale funding.

Funding for these projects is often almost impossible to find with the result that many promising projects disappear before they even reach proof of concept.

Massey University Foundation is now working alongside the Massey University Commercialisation Team to identify some of the most promising and appealing early stage research projects and is actively seeking donations to fund the required research which would allow them to reach proof of concept.

If any of these projects are successfully commercialised, and the Intellectual Property generates net revenue , the Foundation shares a proportion of the profits.

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The Heritage Fund and Refectory Building Project

How the Heritage Fund will help Massey's Historic buildings

The Heritage Fund will make sure Massey University’s historic buildings are preserved, providing valuable teaching and learning facilities for students, staff and visitors.

About the Heritage Precinct

Old Main Building Massey University has a rich and diverse heritage which is reflected in the grounds and buildings of its campuses. Preserving this heritage takes on new significance as Massey approaches its 90th anniversary. However, lack of funding too often means preserving our older buildings must give way to developing much-needed new facilities.

Massey has created the Heritage Precinct to make sure some of its oldest and best-known buildings are preserved for future generations.

The Precinct is an area of historic importance on the Manawatu campus. It consists of Sir Geoffrey Peren Building (formerly known as Old Main Building), Refectory, Old Registry and Tiritea House.

Sir Geoffrey Peren Building has now completed restoration, more information can be found here.

The Refectory needs upgrading including essential work to make sure they comply with the updated building code rules for withstanding earthquakes. Read more about the Refectory Building project.

More about Sir Geoffrey Peren and Refectory Buildings

Refectory Building Sir Geoffrey Peren Building and Refectory were designed by the celebrated American architect Roy Lippincott. He was inspired by early 20th century Prairie and American Collegiate styles. These buildings are important in many ways. They have social, historical, architectural, technological and landscape value for Massey University and the wider community. Classified category 1 and 2 respectively under the Historic Places Act 1993, each is considered ‘a place of special or outstanding historical or cultural heritage significance’.

Sir Geoffrey Peren Building, completed in 1931, was the principal building for Massey College. This was a modern educational and research facility committed to advancing New Zealand agriculture.

Refectory was designed to complement this building as a social, accommodation and dining space for staff and students. It was set on the outskirts of the open green space of the Oval from where its facade and English-style, tree-lined setting could be appreciated.

These two grand buildings have been used continuously. Within these buildings, Massey staff and students have given birth to ideas that have shaped our agricultural and social history.

Refurbishing them will make sure they remain a symbol of the history and teaching excellence of New Zealand’s first agricultural research institution.

Read more about the Refectory Building

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Library Future Fund

The Library Future Fund supports the development of collections, services and learning spaces to develop Massey University Library as an innovative hub of learning and research. This may include developing state-of-the art spaces, information technology, equipment and furniture to facilitate learning; specialist Library positions to support outstanding teaching, learning and research; the development of collections from historic manuscripts to electronic resources; or the digital preservation of, and access to, rare and heritage resources and archives.

To fulfill the Library’s mission in perpetuity, the Library Future Fund endowment provides the resources needed to be able to serve the Massey University community for years to come.

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Research and teaching

The Massey University Foundation supports research and teaching through specialist sub-trusts. The Foundation invests and manages endowed money for these organisations, distributing expendable profit back to them.

The Sleep Wake Research Trust

The Sleep/Wake Research Centre is a multi-disciplinary research team within the Massey Research School of Public Health. It’s committed to improving the health, performance, safety and wellbeing of New Zealanders. It does this through a programme of basic and applied research with an integrated approach to sleep and waking function. Some of the Centre’s projects include a study of sleep in pregnancy, treating insomnia, and managing flight crews.

Find out more at the Sleep/Wake Research Centre website

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The Morris Trust

This trust supports the national and global role of the Massey University EpiCentre. The Centre is responsible for research and training in controlling diseases affecting animals and protecting people from these diseases. This includes making sure food is safe.
Annual grants provide seed funding for new initiatives, help international students undertake their research, and support the international outreach of this world-famous Centre.

Find out more at the EpiCentre website

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The New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study Trust (The Sir Neil Waters Scholarship Fund)

The New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study aspires to be one of the world’s leading centres for theoretical research and intellectual enquiry in the sciences. The trust provides for professors to mentor younger students. It also offers all who work at the Institute the freedom to undertake research that will make significant contributions in any of the scientific fields studied there.

Find out more on the New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study website

It is our goal to endow a sum of around $500,000 for this Scholarship over the next four years. The income from this sum would provide a scholarship in perpetuity for the NZIAS.

To donate to the Sir Neil Waters Scholarship Fund - click on the Donate Online button now!

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Wildbase Hospital Logo

Wildbase Trust

Wildbase Research Centre – supports research into the health and welfare of native New Zealand wildlife. This research is based on problems uncovered by Wildbase Hospital, Wildbase Hospital and Wildbase Oil Spill Response services. The teaching and research carried out by Wildbase is imperative for issues of fauna conservation, not only in New Zealand, but the rest of the world. All funds donated to the Wildbase Research Trust will be used to support postgraduate research.

Find out more at the Wildbase website

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The Equine Trust

The Equine Trust is a partnership between government, industry, Massey University and many other partners inside and outside New Zealand to help improve the equine industry’s future progress. The initiative aims to expand learning and research capabilities across the industry. It also encourages skilled people within the industry to help it improve efficiency and solve problems.

Find out more at the Equine Trust website

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Vet Teaching Hospital

Vet_Dog.png Massey’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility offering New Zealand’s most comprehensive veterinary expertise. Final-year veterinary undergraduates work alongside senior clinical staff with postgraduate specialist training and extensive experience to provide the best possible animal care to the community. Please donate to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and help our dedicated vets provide the very best of care and help to pets and animals that need our help. Your donation will be used to help provide the equipment and care needed for us to offer our services to as many animals and pets in need of our care as possible.

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