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Key to the tables

P Prerequisite: Course(s) you must complete to a defined standard (or have waived) before your enrolment in another course is confirmed.

C Corequisite: Course(s) that must be completed in the same semester as another course, unless already passed or waived.

R Restriction: Similar courses, that cannot both be credited to the same qualification.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Qualification Regulations

Part I

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates.

Part II


1. Admission to the Postgraduate Certificate in Education requires that the candidate will:

(a) meet the University admission requirements as specified; and shall have been awarded or qualified for:

(b) the Bachelor of Education, or equivalent; or

(c) any other Bachelor degree or equivalent, and hold a professional qualification in teaching; or

(d) any other Bachelor degree or equivalent, and have relevant professional experience.

Qualification Requirements

2. Candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education shall follow a flexible programme of study, which shall consist of 700-level courses totalling at least 60 credits from the Schedule to the Certificate.

3. Notwithstanding Regulation 2, subject to the approval of the Academic Board variation in excess of the limits specified in the General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates are permitted.


4. The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is awarded without endorsement.

Completion Requirements

5. The timeframes for completion as outlined in General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates will apply.

6. Candidates may be graduated when they meet the Admission, Qualification and Academic requirements within the prescribed timeframes.

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

7. The general Unsatisfactory Academic Progress regulations will apply.

Schedule for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education

249.741 Assessment and Planning for Learners with Diverse Needs30 credits
R 186.741

249.742 Teaching Methods for Learners with Diverse Needs30 credits
R 186.742

249.744 Understanding Learners with Behaviour Difficulties30 credits
R 186.744

253.750 Counselling Theory30 credits

253.753 Guidance in Education30 credits

253.754 Family and Couples Counselling30 credits

253.755 Culture and Counselling30 credits

254.702 Facing Big Questions in Education30 credits

254.706 Advanced Studies in Curriculum Policy and Practice30 credits

254.744 Educational Issues Among Pacific Islands Peoples in New Zealand30 credits

254.773 Educational Policy Analysis30 credits

254.774 Evaluation of Educational Organisations30 credits

254.775 Management of Human Resources in Educational Organisations30 credits

256.756 Applied Behaviour Analysis for Educators30 credits
R 186.756

257.766 Leading TESOL in Diverse Contexts30 credits

257.767 Current Issues and Innovations in TESOL Leadership30 credits

257.769 Teaching Content to English Language Learners30 credits

258.720 Foundations of Literacy Education30 credits

258.721 Teaching Students with Literacy Learning Difficulties30 credits

258.722 The Nature, Prevention and Remediation of Literacy Learning Difficulties30 credits

258.723 Teaching Writing in the Classroom30 credits

259.771 Educational Leadership in Action30 credits

259.772 Theory and Process in Educational Leadership30 credits

259.780 Language Policy and Assessment30 credits

261.760 Digital Education and Design for Learning30 credits

261.764 Foundations of Digital Education30 credits

261.765 Trends in Digital Education30 credits

261.766 Teaching and Digital Education30 credits

262.751 Theory and Foundations of Gifted and Talented Education30 credits

263.701 Enhancing Teacher Learning and Mentoring30 credits

263.704 Advanced Studies in Motivation and Learning30 credits

263.705 Assessment for Learning and Teaching30 credits

263.706 Adolescent Learning and Engagement30 credits

265.736 Quality in Early Years Education30 credits

265.737 Young Children and Their Families30 credits

265.738 Children's Play and Learning in an Intentional Teaching Practice30 credits

265.740 Advanced Studies on Learning in the Early Years30 credits

267.740 Mixed Methods Research in Education15 credits

267.741 Indigenous Research Methodologies15 credits
R 267.790

267.782 Quantitative Research in Education15 credits
R 267.720; 267.788; 267.723; 267.780

267.783 Qualitative Research in Education15 credits
R 267.720; 267.723; 267.780; 267.788

269.711 Policy and Development in Māori Education30 credits

269.733 Mana Motuhake: Contemporary Issues in Māori & Indigenous Education30 credits

269.734 Mana Whānau: Whānau Engagement in Education30 credits

269.735 Mana Kura: Leadership in Māori Education30 credits

269.736 Mana Matauranga: Indigeneity, Innovation & Information30 credits

273.722 Adult Learning: Myths and Realities30 credits

273.723 Cultures and Learning: Diversity in Tertiary Education30 credits

273.724 The Expert Teacher of Adults: Principles and Practice30 credits

273.784 Learning and Teaching in Tertiary Education30 credits

273.785 Assessment and Evaluation in Tertiary Education30 credits

276.700 Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities30 credits

276.731 STEM in Education and Society30 credits

276.782 Mathematics Education30 credits

276.784 Current Issues in Teaching Mathematics30 credits

276.785 Making Mathematics Accessible30 credits
R 254.785

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