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Key to the tables

P Prerequisite: Course(s) you must complete to a defined standard (or have waived) before your enrolment in another course is confirmed.

C Corequisite: Course(s) that must be completed in the same semester as another course, unless already passed or waived.

R Restriction: Similar courses, that cannot both be credited to the same qualification.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Arts

Qualification Regulations

Part I

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates.

Part II


1. Admission to the Postgraduate Certificate in Arts requires that the candidate will:

(a) meet the University admission requirements as specified; and:

(b) have been awarded or qualified for the Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in the intended postgraduate subject, or equivalent.

Qualification Requirements

2. Candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate in Arts shall follow a flexible programme of study, which shall consist of courses totalling at least 60 credits, comprising courses selected from a single major, endorsement or subject in the schedules to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Postgraduate Diploma in Arts or Master of Arts.


3. The Postgraduate Certificate in Arts is awarded without endorsement.

Completion Requirements

4. The timeframes for completion as outlined in the General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates will apply.

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

5. The general Unsatisfactory Academic Progress regulations will apply.

Transitional Provisions

6. Candidates enrolled in the Postgraduate Certificate in Arts who have completed at least 15 credits of 157 or 159 prefix or other approved Geographic Information Systems subject courses prior to 01 January 2019 may substitute these for courses included in the Geospatial Science subject courses listing. These transition provisions expire on 31 December 2020.

7. Subject to the Maximum Time to Completion and Abandonment of Studies provisions specified in the Part I regulations for the degree, candidates who commenced study towards the Postgraduate Certificate in Arts prior to 1 January 2020 who have completed 219.708 and/or 200.762 will be permitted to substitute one or both of these courses for 200.701 and/or 200.702. These transition arrangements expire 31 December 2021.

Schedule for the Postgraduate Certificate in Arts

Subject courses

Defence and Security Studies

294.701 New Zealand National Security 30 credits

294.704 Command, Leadership and Management30 credits

294.709 Terrorism30 credits

294.711 Theories in Defence and Security30 credits

294.712 Economic and Environmental Security30 credits

294.713 Counter-Terrorism 30 credits
R 149.740

294.715 Asia-Pacific Security Environment30 credits

294.741 Intelligence in the International Security Environment30 credits

294.744 Intelligence Operations30 credits

294.770 Border and Maritime Security30 credits

294.790 Research Methods in Defence and Security Studies30 credits

294.798 Research Report (30)30 credits
R 294.799


125.785 Research Methods in Economics and Finance30 credits

178.702 Macroeconomics30 credits
P 178.703; or 178.200 and either 178.220 or 178.280 R 178.700, 178.714

178.703 The Theory and Practice of Economics30 credits

178.712 International Monetary Economics30 credits
P 178.703 or 125.700 or 125.330 or Appraisal Required

178.713 Microeconomics30 credits
P 178.301 or 178.703

178.718 Health Economics30 credits

178.732 Advanced Econometrics30 credits
P 125.785 or any 300-level Econometrics course

178.755 Economic Growth, International and Development Economics30 credits
P Any undergraduate-level Economics course or 178.703 R 178.750, 178.770


254.702 Facing Big Questions in Education30 credits

254.744 Educational Issues Among Pacific Islands Peoples in New Zealand30 credits

254.773 Educational Policy Analysis30 credits

254.774 Evaluation of Educational Organisations30 credits

254.775 Management of Human Resources in Educational Organisations30 credits

261.765 Trends in Digital Education30 credits

263.704 Advanced Studies in Motivation and Learning30 credits

265.737 Young Children and Their Families30 credits

267.782 Quantitative Research in Education15 credits
R 267.720; 267.788; 267.723; 267.780

267.783 Qualitative Research in Education15 credits
R 267.720; 267.723; 267.780; 267.788

269.733 Mana Motuhake: Contemporary Issues in Māori & Indigenous Education30 credits


List A courses (At least 30 credits from)

139.703 Critical and Creative Research30 credits

139.710 Rhetoric, Composition and the Teaching of Writing30 credits

139.724 Literary Revolutions: Romantic and Victorian Literature30 credits

139.728 Early Modern Drama: Form and Performance30 credits

139.750 Contemporary New Zealand Writers in an International Context30 credits

139.758 Postcolonial Theory and Writing30 credits

List B courses (No more than 30 credits from)

139.763 Community Theatre30 credits

139.765 New Directions in Creative Writing30 credits

154.708 Modern Fiction, Popular Culture and the Media30 credits


145.710 Consumption and Place30 credits

145.711 Foundations in Human Geography30 credits
R 145.706

145.712 Frontiers in Human Geography30 credits
R 145.701

145.730 Applied Coastal Geomorphology15 credits
R 145.705

145.731 Applied Fluvial Geomorphology15 credits
R 145.705

145.732 Landslide Investigation and Management15 credits
R 145.705

145.734 Paleoecology, Palynology and Biogeography15 credits
R 145.704

145.735 Detecting Geomorphic Change15 credits
R 145.702

145.736 Advanced Physical Geography Techniques15 credits
R 145.702

145.739 GIS Principles and Applications30 credits
R 132.738

145.740 GIS Programming and Practice 30 credits
P 132.738 or 145.739 R 132.740

Geospatial Science

145.739 GIS Principles and Applications30 credits
R 132.738

145.740 GIS Programming and Practice 30 credits
P 132.738 or 145.739 R 132.740

145.799 Research Report (30)30 credits

158.740 Geoinformatics15 credits

189.761 Applied Remote Sensing30 credits

230.705 Interpretation in Geospatial Analytics15 credits

233.706 Environmental Geographical Information Systems30 credits

233.707 Environmental Remote Sensing30 credits


148.720 Advanced Historiography30 credits

148.730 Advanced Historical Methodology30 credits

Māori Knowledge

150.701 Tino Rangatiratanga: Strategic Māori Development30 credits

150.702 Pae Ora: Māori Health Advancement30 credits

150.710 Te Reo Whakawhitiwhiti: The Language of Everyday Communication30 credits

150.711 Te Tau-Ihu o te Reo: Advanced Māori Literature30 credits

150.714 Ta Te Māori Rangahau Korero: Māori Research Methodologies30 credits

150.715 Taonga Tuku Iho: Heritage Aotearoa30 credits

Media Studies

154.701 Modern and Postmodern Visual Cultures30 credits

154.702 Advanced Film Studies30 credits

154.704 Researching Media and Cultural Studies30 credits

154.707 The World of Noir30 credits

154.708 Modern Fiction, Popular Culture and the Media30 credits

154.709 Technology and Cultural Change30 credits

154.747 Media Practice and Global Culture30 credits
P 154.204 or 154.224 or 154.304

219.705 Advanced News Media Processes30 credits


134.710 Philosophical Research30 credits

134.740 Advanced Study of Philosophical Topics30 credits

134.750 Advanced Study of Philosophical Texts30 credits

134.760 Advanced Philosophical Inquiry30 credits


150.701 Tino Rangatiratanga: Strategic Māori Development30 credits

176.702 Advanced Social Inquiry30 credits

200.701 Advanced Political Thought30 credits

200.702 Comparative Politics30 credits
R 200.762

200.761 International Relations: Theory and Practice30 credits


175.718 Postmodernism and Psychology15 credits

175.719 Applied Criminal Psychology15 credits

175.720 Advanced Psychology of Women15 credits

175.721 Child and Family Therapy15 credits

175.722 Principles of Clinical Neuropsychology15 credits

175.725 Advanced Social Psychology30 credits
P the usual criteria for admission to PG study in psychology apply

175.729 Psychology and Culture15 credits

175.730 Professional Practice in Psychology15 credits

175.732 Psychological Well-being in Organisations15 credits

175.733 Sustainable Livelihood15 credits

175.734 Child Clinical Neuropsychology15 credits

175.737 Occupational Psychology15 credits

175.738 Psychological Research: Principles of Design15 credits

175.739 Health Psychology: Understanding Health and Illness15 credits

175.740 Occupational Health Psychology15 credits

175.741 Psychological Assessment in Organisations15 credits

175.743 Health Psychology: The Social Context15 credits

175.744 Health Psychology: Promoting Health15 credits

175.746 Psychological Research: Multivariate Data Analysis15 credits

175.747 The Psychology of Sport and Exercise15 credits

175.748 The Psychology of Organisational Change15 credits

175.751 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation15 credits

175.761 Theory and Practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy15 credits

175.781 Clinical Psychopathology15 credits

175.782 Clinical Psychology Assessment15 credits

175.783 Clinical Psychology Interventions15 credits

Social Anthropology

146.701 Contemporary Approaches in Anthropological Theory30 credits

146.703 The Practice of Anthropology30 credits

Social Policy

132.741 Long-Term Community Planning30 credits
R 132.737 (2008 only)

179.702 Advanced Research Methods30 credits

179.783 Māori Development and the Social Services30 credits

279.701 Social Policy and Political Economy30 credits

279.703 Social Policy Studies30 credits


176.701 Current Issues and Theories30 credits

176.702 Advanced Social Inquiry30 credits

176.704 Working Sociologically: An Advanced Practicum30 credits

176.718 Environmental Sociology30 credits

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